Animal Behavior & Training

On the Couch...

If you believe your pet has a behavior problem, please contact your vet first to make sure the unwanted or inappropriate behavior is not due to an underlying medical condition. If there is no obvious health reason for your petís behavior, a behavior consultation may be the next step.

The consult usually takes place in your own home so your pet can be observed in his/her home environment. The more family members who are able to attend, the better. The home visit generally takes between 60-90 minutes, depending on the problem.

Once this has been done, a full written practical therapy plan is provided, with ongoing support if required. As all animals are individuals, we do not make a diagnosis because we do not classify a behaviour problem as an illness. Our asse
ssment is based on an individual animalís emotional state, giving the animalís temperament and personality top priority. Every suggestion we make is backed up by solid scientific fact and the basic principles of learn
ing theory.

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