Animal Behavior & Training

This page is a tribute to some of the wonderful cats and dogs who have collectively taught me more than any of the numerous books I have studied. Thank you friends!

Loulou, George and Mini Me


Jeffrey and Curtis


Spencer and Finlay


Suki, Jonesy, Moonbeam and Mongoose


Dexter and Dylan


William and Joey


Timmy, Smokie and Millie


Bertie and Roxy


Louis and Daisy


Sooty and Cloud


Candy and William


Sally and Wilbur


Snowy and Ashe


Archie and Blue


“Farewell, Friend, yet not farewell.  Where I go, ye too shall dwell. 
I am gone, before your face, a moment’s time, a little space. 
When ye come where I have stepped, ye will wonder why ye wept.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Edwin Arnold



Our beautiful Loulou, the gentlest soul I ever met and yet always so bold. You faded so suddenly in the end at the grand age of 18 years and nine months. What a privilege it was to spend all those years with you, and how we miss you now.

6 October, 2012



We always knew you were cutting it fine with your
nine lives, but never would have believed we'd lose you so young. Words could never convey how deeply we feel your absence, our fabulous, courageous, charismatic, idiosyncratic philosopher cat.

19 August, 2011


Sweet Wilbur, you were the gentlest boy ever.
It was a rough ride in the end, but you
couldn't have been more loved.

15 February, 2011



Our sweet, handsome, gentle soul. There are no words, our hearts are broken. RIP you beautiful big old fellow...

8 March, 2009

"If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again."



We thought you were indestructible, and you very nearly were. But in the end it was just one blow too many. Run free old fellow, we will miss you...

15 November, 2007


We salute your immense courage and dignity, and thank you for your unwavering trust and friendship.

Rest in peace...

10 June, 2007



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